About Us

Hiring us and my dynamite small staff is like putting the MLM good house keeping seal of approval on your new company ! Serious Network Marketing leaders know that your company will thrive when our name shows up!

Our big push is always to save you money! Why? We need that money to penetrate the MLM market place! Too many so called consultants have big staffs and are experts at burying clients in paper and using up your money. Not us!

We want market share for you! Even with Databases of 3 million experienced MLMers it takes us time and money to explode a company !

We have worked with well over 100 direct selling companies in every corner of the world. No one has more experience nor had a better track record. We are confident that we have had that kind of success for two reasons:

We work from a proven methodology. We design our compensation plans customized specifically for your business in a truly collaborative process. We follow fundamental principlesto create behavior based incentives that drive success – for the field and for our client’s businesses!

We legitimately care about the success of our clients.